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Book Review of 1984 by George Orwell

There was a reason why I picked this book and the reason is because I wanted to see why this book is being taken off bookstore and library shelves.

In the first few pages I was taken back on Orwell's ability to tell a story. I had read Animal Farm in Grade 12 so I had an idea of his writings. By far with his story telling and how I look at what is happening around the world in some countries how the ideas of this book could happen. Thus is the reason why I feel that governments are taking the book off the shelves.

Now to the book itself. Orwell does an amazing job of creating the scenes with his ability to paint the picture into your head as well he gives you the feeling that you are there as well. In the first part of the book there is no holding back on setting you into the book. The scene of what he calls Big Brother which is the main bad guy and then there was the Thought Police that was brought into the mix.

The main character was in my opinion strongly written in the ways of being part of the Party of Big Brother who he doesn't like. As well there is a love story that is, in it which in the world that the story is set in, a crime.

I don't want to give any spoilers away but I will tell you this that the scary thing is the ideas that are in this book could happen or have happened in the past and the wanting of having this book banned makes the case for this comment.

The next book that I am going to be reading is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Till next time keep reading and if there is any book that you think I should read let me know and I will add it to my list.

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