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July 13, 2022 Writing update

To start with today, the writing this week has been going well and it is taking turns that I haven't expected. The hard part of that is I have had to adjust the path each time it happens and unlike some authors, I don't mind when the characters take control of the book. I think it creates a better story and for me, the writing flows better when it happens.

For The Fog of Time, I am doing Facebook ads and have also been contacting those who bought the first book that still live in the area where I am. All in all, I am getting positive responses as people are wanting the new book. There have been some messages about the third book of the series, I have let those people know that I am still in the first draft.

With the summer here in full swing, the weather is nice but I am always happy to be in the yard doing work for mom. As well I have started my new routine that will have more time for me to write after all is done.

For those of you who are wondering if I am still reading War and Peace, I am. I just didn't realize that it was over 1 250 pages, lol. I am enjoying it and when I am done I will be doing the write-up for it.

Anyway, stay safe.

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