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July 26, 2023 Writing Update

To start with this week it has been a few days since I have started the final read on Shadows and Dust before I take it to my editor in Edmonton next month. I was going to speed through it on the weekend and decided to take my time to do a good job. I am finding small things to adjust as I do this read and I am aiming to be done by Friday of this week.

Once I am done with the read through of Shadows and Dust I will be back on Echoes of Yesterday and I will be able to focus all my time to the writing of it. I am still going to have it ready for me to type into the computer in September however most likely near the end of the month. After I have it in the computer I will be starting the editing process and if all goes well I will be publishing it through Amazon's KDP publisher.

For the new project that I am going to be looking at starting in the new year I have the plot set for what I am wanting to tell for the story. Now is the details that will make up the story, I have some written down. Hopefully when I get to sitting down to write it, it will flow out like a river into a lake.

Anyway it is a nice day and it is time to get back to work. Stay safe.

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