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The Author's Corner number 9

Todays topic is about creating a schedule around you work, family, friends and your dream.

As for most of us we all have a job that we do five days a week. Then we have our two days off. To make the best of your time it is wise to make a schedule. First thing is that your job should be put in so you know the hours during the day that you are not working and getting to and from work. Once you have that, if you are single it is going to be easy to fill in the rest.

Most of you have probably have kids and a spouse so the free time that you have is filled up with house hold chores and running the kids to their activities that they have. So your left with only a few hours at night to spend with friends and a few hours in the morning. This is where you have to find the time to make time for your dreams.

For the best time to look at is up to you. If you are an early riser, set an hour to work towards one of the goals that lead up to your dream where everyone in the house is sleeping still. This will at first cause a bit of a challenge as it is a new thing that you will be doing. This method also goes for those who go be bed late. Use that last hour before bed to work on your dream.

With each hour that you put in the closer you get to making your dream to come true. Your dream can be something simple but making the time to reach it, you are helping yourself mentally as it is an achievement. The hardest part is making that hour to work on it.

The best example I can give is when I was working full time I would make the time to be after I was home from work. Where I am single and no kids, I would work for a few hours after supper and then stop for the day. As well I made sure I was sitting down at my desk or the table that I have to work on my writing. When I retired from the work world, I have still found the time where I have it now to work. I still make a schedule and follow it and I have turned my dream into my new career so in a way it is my job now.

As I have said, if you only have a couple hours for yourself to work on you dream, make them count. However make sure that you are making time for your family and friends. The main challenge it to start the new schedule but once you have it in place you will be able to make your dreams to come true. Always and I stress this is to let your family and friends know when you are working on your dream and for them to respect your time.

For next weeks topic I will be talking about taking holidays.

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