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James G. Yeo was born on April 19th 1979 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. He is the youngest of three. He lived in a small village south west of Moncton until June 1986 when he and his family moved to Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada. In the summer of 1996 they moved once again to Macklin, Saskatchewan. After he graduated in the spring of 1997, he moved to Edmonton for schooling. Four years later he moved back to Macklin in 2001. After a year, he moved once again to the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In May of 2005 he moved back out to Western Canada and lives in the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/Alberta area.

At a young age of 11, James found himself in love with food. He started working in kitchens and followed his heart and became one of the up and coming chefs. He is a Red Seal Chef and at the age of 23, he put his career on hold to take business courses to follow a dream of owning a restaurant of his own. In 2005 after moving back out west he hung up his chef’s hat. He still cooks but for his friends and family.

In early 2005, James was diagnosed with schizophrenia which is one of the reasons why he left the kitchen. The diagnoses did not stop him from reaching his goals. As someone who doesn’t give up, he started onto a new path and that is being a published author. One of his biggest goals was to write a book and with the stigma that comes a mental illness.  He wrote the An Individual’s Innocence series with the goal of shining a light on a subject that has for years has been pushed into a locked room where society wants it to stay.

James does have other hobbies other than writing and they include model trains, reading, traveling and having coffee with his friends.

James has a few sayings that he says and the one that sticks out for me is, “Another day, another life.” I often ask him what it means and all he does is smiles. 

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