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April 27, 2022

As the day is a little cool today here where I am at, I have been busy with Shadows and Dust for the last week. I have finished with chapter 2 and something came as a sidekick to me as the plot for the book may have just taken a different path than I had thought. I am looking forward to see where it takes the book.

For The Fog of Time I will be starting with the proof that the publishing company sent me last week to work on. So, I will be working on that during this week to get it back to them to be able to get further into the publishing part of the book. At this point I am about 3 months away from having the book released. There could be some other factors that could delay it but I will let you all know if something stops the progress of it.

As of now I will keep the work going as I am finishing with my holidays. The coming week is busy already and with any luck I will have The Fog of Time done to go onto the next stage.

Anyway, stay safe.

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