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August 10, 2022 Writing Update

It is another day for me as I'm sitting here looking back at the week that was. The progress of the typing of Shadows and Dust is going well, and I look forward to it when it is finished. I know that as I do this first part of the work I am spending some time editing as well. The big reason why I long hand all my writings first.

As for what I am planning for after I get this book done, I will be stepping aside from the creative side of things and I will be writing a book of essays or another poetry book. This way I can think about which way to go with the An Individual's Innocence series. As of now, I don't have a clear thought on that as to continue with it.

For me, I am keeping busy with other things around the house on top of writing. With this week starting for me I am going to hopefully get the typing of Shadows and Dust done and be on track to get the book to the editor for September.

So have a good day and stay safe.

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