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August 2, 2023 Writing Update.

It has come down to that I have finished Shadows and Dust for another read through. The next thing is that I have to print it and get it to Edmonton to my editor. Then it is out of my hands for a few months. I am so happy to get to this point as I know that when I get it back I will be doing the corrections and then it will be ready for the next phase of the journey. I have to now move on as this book project is near completion. It has been a long 2 years to be at this point that I am at now.

With Echoes of Yesterday, I will be returning to focus on that book project and with September approaching I am on track to be typing it into the computer that month. As of when, I am hoping for the middle of September, however that is if everything goes to plan. I know that things can pop up out of nowhere from personal life to writers block. Right now I am ready to put in the work and see this project to the next step which is to finish writing the book. Then the fun begins with this one.

For the project that I am aiming for in the new year, I have a few names for the book and there are ideas that are down for the first couple pages. Just having to dip my toes into this new book. I feel that the story that I am working on for the plot is going to open some eyes towards showing that everyone has their own stories and lives outside of their career. Something that I know we all say that we know, however this topic should be talked about.

The idea for the new project was brought to me by a friend of mine a few years ago before I was working on Shadows and Dust. So, it has been cooking on the back burner and no it is not about the kitchens in the world. I know that I am a retired chef and I could write a good first hand book on my time but that will not help me with what I am trying to achieve as an author. Some of my characters may be cooks however that industry is not the main topic or path that I am focusing on.

So, I will get back to work and stay safe until next week..

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