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August 24, 2022 Writing Update

With the beginning of a new week for me, I have been moving forward with the typing in of Shadows and Dust and the little changes that I have needed to make are being done. The reason why I hand write everything that I write first is it gives me time to make some changes and expand my thoughts. I find that it does take up more time to write the book but I feel that in the long run it produces a better first draft to work from. I know that I am about an year off from being ready for this book. Where I don't have a publisher breathing down my neck for the book I will still be taking my time to write it with the hope of having it released in 2024.

As with the deadline for people to order The Fog of Time coming to an end, I have sold a few books as of now and I am quite happy with how many that have ordered them. I would have liked more orders, but I am only starting my career as an author. It will take time to build up the fan base and I know that it will come.

Anyway with the next few weeks to go I will be continuing with the writing process to have the book ready for the first edit that will come in October instead of September.

So that is all for now and stay safe out there.

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