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August Update

With this month starting I have made the point of making more time for my writing. Still getting into the swing of things at work as I have been working out my writing schedule in the evenings. The writing is taking shape and I am focusing on all three books and I will be taking another year or so for An Individual's Innocence : The Fog of Time. The reason for that is because of not having the finances to purchase the package for it. I will still have one book coming out next year where I will be using the KDP program to do it with. The KDP program doesn't cost money but it only allows me the sell on Amazon. The reason for The Fog of Time to be put till 2022 is because I will be dealing with my publisher in Victoria BC.

The next few months will be what is going to shape the book Thoughts of Sanity which I have put into the front for what I will be mainly be working on. I will still be working on the other two books during this time where I am wanting to have all three out in the next three years. The time will be divided between all three of them and as I finish them they will be published.

Other than that for the writing, I have been spending time getting use to working a regular 8-5 Monday - Friday job. This is something that I have not had before so it is taking some getting use to. The good part is that I should be able to put anywhere two to three hours on my writing. With the Covid-19 pandemic happening I hope that all of you are staying safe and doing your part. Until next month I will say to keep reading and I will be making the next post in September.

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