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December 15, 2021 Progress Report

To start with today, the writing last week was on a couple starts for chapter 5. After finishing both I read through them and picked the one that I am using. Both were good and it was a hard decision as they both went in different directions for the book. I feel I have picked the right one and it should be an easy path now for the book to get to the ending.

For what I am doing on The Fog of Time is just waiting for the last read through happen and then I can fix the mistakes that are found in it. Then it will be to FriesenPress for the publishing which will take 6 months to have the finished product. I am looking forward to that point with it as it has been a little over a year since I put the work into getting to the ruff draft to the polished copy.

Other than that, things for me is getting busy as I am getting more into my work and it is something that I need to keep doing. So, stay safe out there.

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