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February 22, 2024 Writing Update

First I have to say that I was busy all day yesterday and forgot to do this. So, sorry all.

Anyway, I have been working on the new novel and I am finally happy with how I have it started and the rest of the book is going to take time. I am writing it in a different style as I want to see if the style will make the book better.

For Shadows and Dust, I have been working with the publishing company and we are getting the details down to production. I have told them that if it takes longer then normal that is fine as I want a good looking book at the end. The aim is to still have a fall release for it and then comes the getting it into the bookstores.

On the bookstore front, there are a few bookstores across Canada that are carrying the first two books. This is a start and for those of you who would like a copy go to your local bookstore and you can order them there.

I have a book signing event in Lloydminster SK/AB, here on March 2nd so if you want a signed copy come and see me at the Coles in Lloyd Mall. For those of you who are not able to get there, I will be posting on Facebook with Shadows and Dust is ready for sale that you can order your copy of that book from me directly if in Canada. The international shipping is more than what you would be paying for the book, thus for my fans outside of Canada just go to your local bookstore and order them that way.

With the next few weeks I will be busy getting Shadows and Dust back to the publisher as the next stage of production is an editing spot by me to make sure it is how I want it to be.

After that is finished I should know when the book will be ready or an idea anyway.

Other than that stay safe.

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