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Jan 12, 2022 Progress Report

Today I have to take a minute to look back on the week that was. I have made progress on The Price of Coffee and I am starting on chapter 6 tomorrow.

I am changing a couple things in how I am going to be writing. The first one is to stop long handing the chapters before I put them into the computer which means that I will be typing them in. This will cut into the time that I am using for the work. I should be able to shed 4 hours a chapter off which will give me more time to write. The second thing is that I will be scheduling my days better where I can get the 4 hours in the afternoon to write and I will have 1 1/2 hours after supper to read what I have written that afternoon. It will be a mini edit where I will just be looking at the story and if I am still on the path that I want to be on.

With just these two changes I should be able to reach my targets and goals. As well, it should make my writing that much better in the long run. The work that is to come will be continuing with my series that I am writing plus the stand alone novels in between each of the An Individual's Innocence books. I am looking forward and moving in that direction with my writing career.

As of now, I will be continuing with The Price of Coffee where the dead line for it is the end of February. I would like to have it in my editor's hands by the first week of March. Then I should be working with the publisher for The Fog of Time, so I will have something to work on as I am waiting on the editor. I know that once I have the time during this year I will be starting on the next An Individual's Innocence book, so I have a full year of work ahead of me.

I will keep up with this every week so stay safe.

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