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January 10, 2024 Writing Update

To start today, I have found out that the Chapters bookstore in Moncton, NB, has ordered some of my first book. This is a good sign that my work in getting into the bookstores here in Canada is starting to happen. For the last few weeks I have written a letter to all of the bookstores and now I am starting to see the payoff.

For the creative writing, I have been busy getting the ideas together in one binder for the new project Pages which I am planning to be sitting down and doing starting the longhand of the draft. As for Shadows and Dust I am waiting for my beta readers to get back to me and then I will pause with Pages to do the edits that are needed and then I will be sending it into the publisher.

With what has been a good many years of writing the An Individual's Innocence series, I am happy that I have gotten it out as it is also a closing of a chapter in my life. Not just the series but for the growth that I have gone through with writing it. I know that I am going in the right direction for my retirement as I have now the time to follow a passion that I have always had.

That is what I have to say today and for those who are wondering, yes there is snow on the ground here at home.

Stay safe.

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