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July 19, 2023 Writing update

To start this week off I will be busy with Echoes of Yesterday. I have about another 60 or so pages to write before I am at the point to type it into the computer. The project itself is coming out well for what I have got written and hopefully it will be in the editing phase here in a few months.

With Shadows and Dust, I am planning to give it another read through before I take it to my editor in Edmonton. So that will be the work I will be doing this weekend.

As of now, I am still getting ideas for the book that I am aiming to start in the new year. I have a good idea for the plot and what the story is going to be about. The hard part is can I write the book itself.

For everything else, things are going well and looking up to the future. For all of you who are interested, feel free to read my new blog that I am doing. It is called The Author's Corner where I am talking about topics range from writing to cooking and others. I post in that one on Sundays.

Anyway, stay safe.

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