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June 23, 2021 Update

I will start with today that I have made the corrections in The Fog of Time. I will be doing another read through to do some more work on it before I send it to my finish editor. Once I get it back from my finish editor, I will be making the necessary changes that he mentions and then I will be leaving it as a finished copy. The next step will be taking place in Nov when I go to the publisher for the package that I will be getting. There is a six month turn around time so I will be releasing in mid to late spring of 2022. Once I know that date I will be letting you all know.

With The Price of Coffee I am still working on the first chapter to get it to where I like it. I will be back working on that project once I am done with my read through of the other one. I am looking forward to writing this new series and it is going to be a challenge for me where it is something out of my comfort zone. I am up for the challenge and it is a project that I have been thinking about for some time now.

For the time frame for The Price of Coffee, I am looking at to have it to the first edit done by Christmas of early Jan. Then it will be off to the editor for his look in Jan. If all goes as I am planning I should always have a book ready for my edit in Dec. This is the goal that I am sticking with which will mean that I will have a book coming out every year. I will be going back and forth between both series for the run of the next many years to come.

As well I am working on another poetry book and a book of essays. These two books I don't have a time line for as of now but I will be doing them throughout the year when I need a break from the series that I am working on.

For now things are coming together and I am working steady on them. Until next time stay safe out there and I'll be back next week.

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