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June 5, 2024 Writing Update

To start off the week, I will be doing cold calls to the bookstores here in Canada to let them know that Shadows and Dust is available for order. As well, I have 3 library systems here in Canada looking at my An Individual's Innocence series to add to there collections. So I have been busy this past week and for the next few week days I will be doing those calls.

I have finished my research for Pages and I will be starting on the writing of that book here on Saturday as I have given myself a two year window for me to get it to my editors. If it takes me less time that is fine, however I am not going to rush the writing process. As I do not have a publisher breathing down my neck to have it done, I will take the time that I need for it.

For the Author's Corner essays, I have been typing in the ones that I have written in the last few months. I am aiming for a year to have a collection that is long enough for me to publish a book of them. Thus I have a few things to do and I will be busy with the creative work.

Other than that, the beginning of summer will be here and that means I will have some yard work to do on top of my writing.

Stay safe.

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