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June 7, 2023 Writing Update

As last week was a short one where there wasn't much to report on. This week on the other hand has been busy getting things rolling around the yard for the season. In making sure that I set up my table outside to write on during nice days for a change. As well the ideas for Echoes of Yesterday are continuing to come to me as I spend time to write them. For the progress of that book I am happy where it is at the moment. Still aiming for September to be typing it in which I think I can make happen.

With Shadows and Dust I still have about 3 weeks until I am going to read it again before getting it to the next editor for their edit. I know that I am getting close to having it ready for the publisher and the other part is I have to save up the money for the book package from my publisher. I am about half way there as of now and I should have the money by the fall of next year.

I am already playing around with an idea for another fiction book. The idea is dealing with mental health again in a different way than most have seen. I know that the idea could have been written before but as I have been reading a lot of books for understanding more on the reality of what the doctor's who work with the mentally ill. As I my have my illness, I have to learn about the doctor's side of things because I want to explain why they do the kinds of test they do when diagnosing someone with mental illness.

As for the week at hand I will be continuing on with Echoes of Yesterday and doing some yard work for mom.

So for you all stay safe.

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