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June 9, 2021 update

I have been busy this week working on the plot of the first book of the Price of Coffee series. I will be continuing on with it until I get the word back from my beta readers on The Fog of Time. Once I get that I will see where I need to do more work and then it will be going to my finish editor for the final checks on grammar and story line.

The projects are on the right page and I am making progress on all fronts that I need to stay focused on. With the up coming summer, I am planning to make more time for myself which will mean that I will only be working on the books for 4 hours a day for 5 days. This way I won't burn myself out and hit writers blocks. I will be also looking at going on holidays once it is safe to do so with my parents this summer. I will continue to work but I will be in a different part of the country which could help with my writing.

Anyway, for me things are good and I am moving in the right direction. As well, I will be doing a book review here soon where I am almost done the book series that I am reading. So, stay safe and I will be back in a week.

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