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March 22, 2023 Writing Update

To start with I have gotten Shadows and Dust back from my editor. I have been working on the corrections for the last couple days and for the most part I will be continuing on it until it is done, so I am putting Echoes of Yesterday on hold. Once I am done with the corrections and then my read through of Shadows and Dust I will then go back to Echoes of Yesterday.

I will be spending the next few months working on both projects as I will put in an edit on Shadows and Dust at the beginning of each month and then for the rest of the month I will be focusing on Echoes of Yesterday. In September I will be sending the book to my other editor for him to take a look at it.

Other than that news there has been nothing that has happened and well Spring is just around the corner and that means I will be on holidays here soon.

Anyway stay safe.

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