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March 23, 2022 Progress Report

Well, I have been busy all day and I am late getting this done today.

So to start, I have made my decision for my front cover where the publishing company gave me 3 to choose from. It was a hard call as 2 of them caught my eye. The other one was good but it wasn't what I had envisioned. With that taken care of, it is going to be another 4 weeks until I hear back from them and then there will be another decision for the book. All said and done it will be ready for the summer. Still, the date will be set after the next few things that have to take place and then I will have an idea for the release date.

For the next book, An Individual's Innocence Book III: Shadows and Dust, I have finished the first chapter longhand and I will be getting to put it into the computer here on Friday, as like today, I have a full schedule for tomorrow. The book has started well and the characters are already taking the pen from me and putting in their voices into the work. The book is a continuation from The Fog of Time and has Charles dealing with something that we all deal with and well I just can't give it away now. I will hopefully have that ready for late 2023 to go to the publisher as I will be putting in the time and I will not be rushing it.

Where the spring is here in Canada and the snow is melting showing me some work that I will have to do outdoors. Anyway, have a great week and stay safe.

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