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March 29, 2023 Writing Update

To start today I have been working on Shadows and Dust. I am doing my read through and editing as I do that. I had talked to my editor the other day to get her opinion for the book and she said that it is a good ending to the An Individual's Innocence series. So that is positive for me. I will be spending the next few months working on it as I get it ready for the next editor in September.

For Echoes of Yesterday I have paused in writing it as I am doing the work on Shadows and Dust. The break will help me to get more ideas for that book as it is going to be into the editing phase hopefully by the end of December.

With me I will be taking holidays here next month to get out of Saskatchewan for a month. I will be working on the books but I need a change of location to recharge the batteries so to say. All in all things are well and I am moving forward towards my goals and dreams.

Until next week stay safe.

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