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New Beginnings

As I start this next phase in my life as I now have the time to put into my writing as a full time author I am looking forward to the work. I will be continuing with the projects that I have on the table and where I am able to work 5 hours everyday, Monday through Friday, I should be able to make great progress with the books.

The thing that happened to me was I was given assistance for my medical condition which means that I don't have to work anymore. I will be putting all of my focus in on my new career as an author and I will not have to worry about where I am getting money from for my bills. This has taken a lot of stress off of me and today is the starting of my new schedule for my days.

With all that has happened this year so far in my life I know that this is a blessing for me. I will be making more posts and keeping everyone updated weekly starting this Monday. As well I will be making the time for those who wish to contact me here on the site. Feel free to ask me questions and I will return with my response. I keep up to date and always check for my updated blogs for Mondays. If you have an idea that you would like me to talk about on a blog send it to me and I will do it as a special blog.

Thank you for all of your support over the years.

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