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November 8, 2023 Writing Update

Today I start off by letting you all know that I have the first three or so pages done on the new novel. The work has started and I am hoping that it only takes me a year to write the book. There will be some parts where I will have to use the internet to get the right information as I have been given some sites for mental illness from the government.

With the essays that I am using for The Author's Corner blog, I am working on getting them typed and edited. Still not sure if I will turn it into a book yet as I feel that giving them free is a better way for people to enjoy my work.

I have not heard any word from my editor on Shadows and Dust as I know he will let me know when it is done. I hope that I get it back here sooner than later so I can get the process of doing the corrections and then sending it to the next set of eyes. After that will be the publishing company and then it will be out. I am aiming for a September release if I am able to get the book back before the end of the year.

Stay safe everyone.

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