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October 12, 2023 Writing update

I am a day late, I had a lot going on yesterday and totally forgot about the blog, forgive me everyone.

Anyway, I have made some calls to the mental health centers here in Saskatchewan for information on all the types of the illness. This is for the new novel, Pages, that I am getting ready to write and the reason is where I will be talking about other mental illness that I only have a small idea about them. I want to be able to give facts about these mental illnesses in this book to bring out to the public the truth about these illnesses.

For Echoes of Yesterday, check The Author's Corner Blog for last Sunday's addition. You can give me ideas that you would like me to write about with my opinion. So this will be a weekly thing for the rest of my writing career so if I run out of ideas, I will need some help.

As the weeks of October has come, the weather has been nice and I know that the next thing snow will be on the ground. I personally like winter because I can dress for it, unlike summer. If you are thinking that I am more of a Polar Bear who is playing in the snow when it comes with a shovel, that I am. This winter I am hoping to be getting to the ski hill for a break.

Other news, I will be calling bookstores here in Canada to see if they will carry my books in their stores as I have the last of the An Individual's Innocence series almost ready to go to the publisher. This way I can get my first two books out to you all in the bookstores for the Holiday season that is coming soon.

So everyone stay safe.

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