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October 6, 2021 Progress Report

I will start today with some good news. The second chapter of The Price of Coffee is written and I will be working on getting into the computer today. I will be working on the book to try to have it ready for my first editor in January. So, I have a task a head of me to get it ready for then. As the Fog of Time is with the my finish editor, I will have the time for the rest of the year to write The Price of Coffee.

Where I have mentioned that the Fog of Time is with the finish editor, I had a meeting with him yesterday and we are going to push the date to go to the publisher until January at the earliest. He feels that taking the extra time to edit will help the book and it will be more polished for the publisher. So, that is some bad news but it will mean that I will be having a late summer release in 2022. I hope that you all understand as I want the book to be the best it can be for you all.

Now as it is October, I will be focusing on my writing for the next many months to come as I have some more time to work on it. Until I get the Fog of Time back from my editor, the work will be done on the Price of Coffee. I have a few other side projects that I am working on as well for when I get writers block and that is another book of poetry and one that has short essay like entries. With all that I have to do, I know that I will be busy for the next while.

Anyway, hope you all are well and staying safe.

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