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September 1, 2021 Update

Well to start with I am back from holidays and I will be getting back to work on both books this week. The Fog of Time is in the final stages of editing as it will be ready for November to go to the publisher. The first book of the Price of Coffee series, The Brewing, is in the third chapter of the ruff draft.

The vacation itself was good and I got to say my good byes to some of my family that has passed in the last many years. As well, I got to reconnect with one of my cousins in Saint John, New Brunswick.

With the last five weeks of being away, I took some time to get back to who I am and the author that I want to become. The road is just starting for me in this new career and there are going to be good time to come. There will be lessons that I am going to learn on the way in the next few years and I am looking forward to it.

For the last seven days I have taken off from the writing as I was traveling to come home from the east. This time that I took, I was able to use the drive to figure out the next two books for both series, so I will have a good amount of work to do.

Where I have the time to write now, I will hopefully be putting out a book every year for the foreseeable future. To say the trip was a reset for me to get back to the person who is ready for the road ahead.

Anyway, stay safe out there.

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