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September 20, 2023 Writing Update

To start this week off, I have talked to my publisher and we are looking at a fall 2024 release for An Individual's Innocence Book 3: Shadows and Dust. That means the the series will finished.

For Echoes of Yesterday, I have started the process of typing it in as I have some 70 pages of hand written content for it. I may hold off on publishing it right away as I will be spending at least a year to edit it. So the earliest would be 2025 for me to get it published as I will be adding material to it.

With the new year still a few months off, I have started to piece together some of the ideas for the next novel. However, I have not spent that much time on it as I am focusing on Echoes of Yesterday.

Other than that the fall season is here in Western Canada which means that the farmers are taking off the crop.

Stay Safe.

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