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The Author's Corner: Letting Go

It is the end of a long work day. You have just got promoted and it means longer hours. The one saving grace is that you are single. Some evening are lonely, however you have your friends.

At the age of twenty-five you have finished you education and it is the starting point of building your career. With a daily routine of work and play, the days and weeks seem to blend together into one.

With only the things in your past to hold you back, you spend your free time looking back at what happened in the past. Slowly you become a prisoner to your past, though you do not show it. It eats you up and then depression sink in. Your life takes a turn for the worse as the memories from your childhood come to take control of your ever waking moment.


The scene that I have just gave you happens more often than we like to admit. It always starts with questioning the decisions that you have made in your life. That is where the second guessing starts with the what if’s, should and should not have’s. Everyone goes through this stage in their lives at least once. Sometimes it happens with a job promotion or a better job offer or being over looked for a position. The reason why I say this is because at the point of success is when you start to question things.

You might have worked for a company for five years before getting that promotion you have wanted. The next question could be why it took so long. This is where the darkness sometimes seeps into our mind.

Maybe it is not the job but your relationships you have. Are you single or just newly single after a bad breakup? Depending on how you see it will lead to one of two ways, depression or joy. Loosing someone who means a lot to you through death leaves some with guilt that they did not get to say to them how they felt. Others at times of death feel relieved that their loved one does not have to fight to stay alive if there is an illness.

The main thing is that the past event have happened and there is nothing that can be done to rewrite the past. There are good times and not so good time, however both teach a lesson to be always live for the moment and not be a slave to the past. If you want to move into a more positive way, learn the lessons and continue with your life.

I know that letting go of the past can be hard to do because personally I battle with it everyday. I remember the good times when I need to lift myself up. Most times it is a reminder every morning and night when I take my pills about my mental illness. It reminds me that I am sick and it takes me back to what happened in January of 2005 in Halifax. A lot of people have told me to let it go and move forward. The fact is that I have moved forward but the reminder because of the pills makes it stay.

I have also struggled with what happened in my past when I was growing up as it was not a great time for me. Once again I am faced with letting go for that memory and for the most part I have. The one thing though is that I still have trust issues with most new people I meet.

To move forward in our lives is to accept what our life has been and with a prayer that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Looking towards the future life that you want is a way of starting a positive direction for your life. In doing that you are taking the power away from the past and putting it into the future that your have the pen to write what you want.

When you let go of the past, the present and future comes into focus. As I said that I am reminded every day about my illness, I take a look at where I was in 2005 and where I am today. I then take my pills knowing that I have gotten further ahead than what the doctor’s said I would be. I was told that I would be most likely in and out of hospital for the rest of my life.

I chose to fight and I did not let that to happen. I see that person who I was and then I get on with my day and life. I let go of that time in my life everyday but there is always going to be the pills I have to take which keeps me moving forward.

You can do the same. Every morning remember where you were at the lowest and see where you are now. Then where do you see yourself in the future. I have a feeling that you will be doing well and I believe in you. I may not know you and maybe you have taken something from my writing that has changed you for the better and given you hope for the future.

Stay safe.

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