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The Author's Corner number 10

Today's topic is on holidays.

During your busy life you take a couple weeks off for holidays throughout the year. Depending on how long you have worked for a company, you may get more time off. So, where do holidays fit in a creative life?

Most of us have families and holidays means leaving town for a get away. Some go to the lake as others go into the mountains, or that is how it is where I am from. Thus to say you really do not have time for relaxing or much less working on your art. Most of the time the holidays are over and you are heading back to work until you can take them again.

Now if you are like me, I do not have kids or a wife and I have been single for most of my life. I plan the holidays within the schedule that I follow. I normally put in the same hours on my craft when I am away from home. The one difference is that as an author, I can sit and write anywhere. A little harder for some of the other arts out there. I always spend the first day travelling to where I am going to be spending my time. Then I break up the rest of the days by scheduling my times when I am going to be working and when I am going to be exploring nature. Then when it comes to heading back home I give myself time to travel. Each day is filled with activities that I enjoy.

If you have a family with you, I understand that getting time to yourself is a little harder because everyone wants to do different things. The best recommendation is to make a time for you to spend an hour on your work, yes I know that holidays are meant to be free from work. You have to draw a line on your creative work and your every day work. If you are able to find the time during your career to work on your creativity at the same time then spend the holiday chasing the kids and spouse around the camp site.

In where you go for holidays will give you a break from the reality of your career. I would say that taking in nature is the best thing to do because there is so much beauty that we have at hand. Use the time to come back to who you are, and if single, use it to dream of tomorrow.

When you choose to take your holiday, make sure you have it planned out and most of all take your time. If you have a family, your kids and spouse will love it more if you are not rushing through it. If you are single, find yourself again and enjoy the things that you liked as a kid to give you the feeling of being young.

All in all the message is to take yourself out of the work world for the time and not think about that project that you are going to be starting when you get back to work. If you find time to work on you creativity that interacts with your kids do it because that is what they are going to remember.

Next weeks topic is going to be getting ready for higher education and or going back to school for something else.

Stay safe.

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