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November 15, 2023 Writing Update

To begin this week, I have been busy with a little studying for the new novel as I have written 3 pages for another idea for a beginning. I will most likely do another one or two before I decide which one I am going to go with. The studying is on mental illnesses as in this book I am planning to talk about the subject more on a simple way. What I am meaning is in words that everyone can understand.

With the essays for The Author's Corner, I have been busy typing them in when I take breaks from the novel. I have a few to type in and this is giving me an edit on them before I do my edit when I post them in on Sundays. As I get more of them written into the computer, I may look at doing a book as that is a choice that I can do. Still not one hundred percent sure what I am going to do with the as they will be free on my website to read.

For Shadows and Dust, I haven't heard anything from my editor. I know that the work is good for the book and well it is in my opinion some of my better work to end the series off with. I know that the sooner that I get it back I will be able to get it to my beta readers for their opinion. Then it will be off to the publisher and well that is when it will hit the sale floor.

As for another thing that I am working on is getting my message and books out to bookstores around Canada and for those of you who are outside of Canada you can visit my website which is or you can follow the links to the home page from this blog.

Anyway, the snow isn't here yet and the weather is nice. Stay safe.

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