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The Author's Corner: Alive

As a summer thunderstorm creeps across the land, the smell of wet ground fills the air. The rumbling of the thunder sounds from the storm as it comes towards you. The flashes of lighting lights up the night sky. You can feel the mist in the air just before the rain starts to fall. Getting up out of your chair, you go into the house so you do not get drenched. The rain starts to come down in a downpour as the storm rolls over head.

To be alive is to understand that all we have is the present moment that we are in. Our life could end at any minute of the day or night. We have become over the years unaware of this in some ways as everyone takes it for granted.

Try to think of those who are dying slowly in hospital. It is hard to picture for yourself if you have not had to sit in a hospital room with a family member dying of cancer. In a way we are all dying slowly as time continues to move forward.

Something that some people have already accepted their fate as death awaits us all at the end of our time. The question is do you believe in an afterlife? What happens after our physical life has ended?

For now that sun will set on another day of our life and the next sunrise is going to happen.  Make the best of what you got in life and tell those who are important to you that you love them. Whatever storm you are in, the fact of the matter is that you are alive.

Stay safe.

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