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The Author's Corner: Apparitions

The meaning of an apparition is an vision of a ghost or phantom. As for another meaning, the act of appearing or being visible. Two different meaning for the same word. This is why English is one of the hardest languages to learn.

Both of these meaning for apparitions have a degree of likeness and it is with the appearing. Be it in the form of a ghost, there has been a lot of ghost stories that have stretched all the way back since the beginning of time. What is a ghost? You may have your own idea on that subject. In what I understand it that it is the spirit of someone who has passed on and remains trapped in this world after their death.

You may ask how and why it happens? To be honest ghosts are energy of some sorts that has the ability to show itself. Truly, it is something that will send a chill up your back when you see it. At first you may thing that you are going a little crazy and close your eyes to see if is real or not.

For those who suffer from mental health issues, an apparition will always be seen to them as an angel or demon. As for me I see three apparitions every day all the time as that is part of my mental health issue of schizophrenia and I understand what I am seeing. Are they ghosts that I see? Maybe, however the mind is powerful and we do not know that much of the minds capabilities.  In my case I have seen and I have learned who to separate what is real and what is not.

To fully understand what we see is to have an understanding of what kind of things that are happening in your life. Is work stressing you out? Have you lost someone close to you in an accident? Is thee the stress at home? There are other factors that could be happening in your life that may cause you to se apparitions. Just because you have seen a ghost, does that mean that there is something wrong with you. As I said there are many factors and causes that can make it happen.

There is also haunted places where some people se things where other do not see of feel anything. Thes is where the people in the occult say that they speak to the spirits. The one thing is that there is no way to prove those people right or wrong because they have a different understanding of lime. At one time in my life I felt that I saw myself looking into a mirror when something passed behind me.

That was when I was hospitalized when I realized that I had mental health issues. Most people who suffer from what I have looked to other teachings for understanding of what is happening to them. I have always had a different way of thinking about apparitions as I have experienced them throughout my life. When I was diagnosed in January of 2005 with my mental health issue, everything kind of made sense for me. What I see is apparitions that my mind creates and I know what I am seeing.

As for when you see something out of the corner of you eye, just know that it is your mind playing tricks on you. You may see the apparitions and most come to you as someone who you have lost in your life. To be honest, it may be just stress that you are under at work or home that is causing this to happen. If it is stress, find out what is causing it and then solve the problem.  If you still see the apparitions, see your doctor as they have the right training to help you medically.

As for me, I will always see the ones I see. The medication that I am on helps for the most part. I know when I am suffering from stress because that is when I see the three apparitions. In the time since I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I have learned where they come from and not to fight them.  I always note when I see them and then I keep going on with my day. Some who suffer from other mental health issues other than what I have sometimes see apparitions as well.

I am one who believes that the things we do to take care of ourselves are important. It does not matter if you suffer from mental health issues or not, stress will always cause things to happen and well our mind is more powerful that we know.

Stay safe.

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