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The Author's Corner: Attraction

What is attraction and how does it affect one’s life? The meaning that we are given is that is the act, power, or quality of attracting. Another meaning is a person or thing that attracts or is intended to attract. Simply there are more to the meaning than that.

It is said that like attracts like which means that positive energy can only attract positive energy. That makes some sense, so in using that idea we can move into a positive way of life if we are positive. This also works for the other side of the coin. The power of our thoughts in which I feel helps with the attracting the things that we do, thus if we are thinking of good and positive things the negative is unable to take a foot hold. The same is true with negative thinking.

When it comes to any attraction to happen there is an energy that comes from the person. A way of thinking is where the attraction takes place as your emotions speak on how you feel and with how you feel is what you get. If you are always thinking of what could go wrong that is what is going to happen for you because that is what you are focusing on. That is the key thing that people forget as our actions and thoughts is what controls us personally be it either positive or negative.

We all know that when someone is smiling and cheerful they help lighten the area they are in and people want to be around those people. Someone who is grumpy all the time and with a negative attitude most if not all people try to avoid because they bring us down because of that kind of energy. The question is what type of person do you want to be around and in the same who you want to be.

In what environment do you truly want to be in and you as you think about this, look back at the places where you work, your relationships and your overall process of thinking.  The law of attraction is a real thing as positive can only attract positive. If you think about something long enough it will happen to come into your life in one way or another. Thus, to be thinking in the positive or negative you will receive more of what are focusing your thought to.

I know for myself I have only started to understand this theory in the last ten years. As I have moved to think in a different way by watching how I now do, I have been able to move forward in my life in a positive way. I know that for me it has been a hard thing to do as for the longest of times I was negative. It was a book that I read that changed it all for me and pointed to the way that I was thinking, or for what the reader is thinking.

In a way, by moving forward into a different way of thinking which has changed my life and it all came down to understanding attraction and how it works. Making the change was hard because to change to a new way of thinking difficult since you are use to the old way. There is always risk of falling back into the old way of thinking when you start your journey to a positive way if all you have been use to is negative. I can not say that my negative thinking was just caused due to my life, even though I did have a ruff childhood due to bulling for some ten years created a feeling that I was worthless. That is the negative way of thinking that I had. To change it took practice and there were times when I was ready to give up, however I was able to make the change.

Over your life you will attract the things that come into your world. So, be positive.

Stay safe.

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