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The Author's Corner: Coming Down

Picture yourself on a flight home from a holiday. You had taken the trip by yourself to find out who you are. Knowing that you have found some things about yourself that are positive and you are ready to return to your life. Then the seatbelt sign comes on as the flight is coming down for the landing. In a way your wish you had a couple more days away.

The only thing is that you are young and single. The trip has shown you that you are learning how to be comfortable on your own. In a way you know that being by yourself is a powerful and enjoyable experience. The ability to take a trip by yourself as a getaway is something that you needed to do.

As you return home to an empty apartment you no longer feel alone. The trip has done wonders for you as there is less pressure as you call your parents and close friends to let them know that you are back. The question is are you the old you or not?


In coming down for most is to step out of the robotic lifestyle that today’s society says that we have to live this way or that way. The morning trip to work, home and the story goes on and on which repeats every day. In taking yourself out of that life is hard because it is what we have been shown from our parents as we grew up. Then school has molded us into the person who we have become.

The hard part is that we are told that freedom to think for ourselves is a bad thing because we do not know what is right for ourselves, or that is what society tells us. That is what our parents, bosses and such tell us anyway. In today’s society we are following it even though the only ones who know what is best for you is you.

By breaking through the lie that society knows what is best we are labeled with mental illness or as a troublemaker because we are refusing to fall into their system. This is what happens when you think for yourself and the people who are in control of society do not want the masses of people thinking for themselves. The reason is because they would lose power over them.

The hardest thing is to come down from what has been put into our minds over all the years of our lives. In the way that society gets the power over you is through the information that you are given through the media and other people. To step out of that and to take control of your life starts with finding out who you are. Then comes what kind of media you are taking in.

In doing that you will take on labels from others that you are crazy. I know this all too well, one of the reasons why I stopped watching TV in 1998.

Over the years I learned that it does not matter how far you move away from the plan that society has for you, when you find yourself, it is a way to freedom. It was something that I realized after I was diagnosed in 2005 with schizophrenia, society’s way of writing you off. The question that I was asked when I said that I was going to change my career was why? As well the other question was why I do not watch TV?

Thus, it is up to you to live the way you want. If that is following society’s rules or following your dreams, it all comes down to you. I have chosen my path, time to choose yours.

Stay safe.

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