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The Author's Corner: Death

Why must I write about this you ask? I think this word gets a bad name because it means the end of life. However, to come back to the question I asked, most people view death with a negative way and are scared of it. Death happens as it is part of life.

So, as we know as our lives is there is birth, then we live and die when it is our time. If you look at it as an end of a part of life we can start to accept it. The first death happens when we start school because we move into a different part of our lives. Now to look at death that way, it is a positive thing because we are growing. Every time we enter a new stage of our lives, the old one that we are leaving fades and it dies. What remains are the memories of that time.

Is going through these changes hard? To answer it is hard for everyone. The reason is because we are either being forced to make these changes or we want to change our lives for the better. It can be the change of a routine, to a totally different you that you want to be. When ever change comes so does the death of the old way of life we were living.

For any growth to happen the death of the old way has to happen. As to grow you must move forward for the good or bad. Which direction that you choose, you may lose friends, change from one employer to another, and the thing is that it is your choice. To make these changes take great strength as all growth is. It is your life.

Death can come in many different forms. Sometimes it is an accident, other times it is of old age in your sleep. That is the physical death that is when your soul moves off to the next stage of life which passes through this stage. We do not know when it is going to happen as there is no window to look into that part of the future. One lesson is that you will die only once. What if we die every night in our sleep and when we wake we always live in the grazes of God/the Creator/or what you believe in. Who knows the truth?

I feel that the physical death is what most people are afraid of and they do their best to prevent it. The truth is that once you have accepted you death, your life transforms into the long walk to the end of the tunnel when it all goes black and then we wake up in our heavens. That is something to think about because there is what we believe to be a place after we die and for those who think this is just chance; I say this, just because no one has come back from death does not mean that it just goes black. There is more to the story of your life.

Death smiles at us all as we move towards it and to not accept it is going to happen is like saying that the sun is not going to set in the western skies. I have accepted my death many years ago because I was on its door, did I die? Something that I have wondered since that faithful January night in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Do I believe in a higher power that is waiting for us on the other side? I do, we will all see God/the Creator/or what you believe in when we pass from the physical world into the spirit world.

Stay safe.

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