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The Author's Corner: Detained Fall

Picture yourself standing on a cliff overlooking a waterfall. The water flows over the drop to the bottom which is some hundred feet to a lake that is below you. With no fear of death you jump off as you have a wind suit on. Like a bird you glide through the air and the feeling of flight fills you to the point where you feel like a kid again with a new toy. As you sore through the sky, you head to the other side of the lake where your cabin is. On your approach, you pull the rip cord for your detained fall to the ground that is covered in lush green grass. A few seconds later you land, and the ride is over.

With all that we wish for in life, the joy of doing something you love will always holds you back in a way. To detain is to with hold to some and most do not understand that life is the think that does hold us back. The reason for that is if you race through life you do not get to enjoy the things in life. I have heard people say that their holidays fly by quickly and my question is why that happens to them. The reason I think is because they always focus on the end of them. The beginning is always overlooked because it is just that. When I go on holidays, I take my time to enjoy every day.

In a way I have always wondered what it would be like to see the great sights that travelers go to outside of Canada. The one thing for me is that I have not finished exploring my country yet and until I am done, the trips that I want to take over seas are going to be held off. In a way Canada has detained me but I know that when I am ready for a new world I will go.

In the light of everything, if you find your holidays are going quickly, just slow down what you are doing. Plan each day and follow the plan, I find that then the days seem to slow down to a craw for me. Just something that you can do.

Like I have in the beginning of this one, to be at one with yourself is what you need to do for yourself before you can really enjoy life. Once you are at one with yourself things seem to slow and you move at a different speed. It almost feels like time does not move anymore because you are only focusing on you. This is what meditation feels like when you practices it when you are awake. To be one with your soul and once you reach that point then the detaining of your soul in you body happens. At that point you will be able to enjoy your holidays on a different level with the ones you love or by yourself.

A lot of my time is spent in the tranquility of my space alone. I am a lone wolf and it is where I find the strength to write out my thoughts for you all to read. With only a few hours each day when I sit down with the pad of paper and a pen, I try to create a place for you to see. It is a passion that I have and I guess what holds most people up is that they do not make time for themselves. It is not a bad thing to do that. I make time for my friends and family, but I make sure that I take an hour to hear my thoughts as I write in my journal.

Mostly a writer’s live is solitude which is where you find us. As you all are busy with working your day jobs, a writer is thinking of the next chapter or poem or what have you. I work a full time job and when I am working I focus on the task at hand, once I leave my job, I go back into the writer that I am which is my life. To make a separation between your work life and your personal life is necessary for a healthy life. Most have a problem with it.

In the past I have seen many people rush through their days and life and holidays that at the end of the day they are drunk or stoned or both. The path that you make is the path that you walk. It is up to you to change your life and live it the way you want, I do not want you to change if you do not want to. It is one thing to change but it has to be for you and no one else. That is where you will find that you are detaining yourself. Hold on to hope for the future and it will all come to pass. Make a choice that is clear and for you and I will hold my end of the deal and that is to continue to write for all of those who are looking for answers.

To all of you, enjoy life and take your time because I know what it is like to rush through life. It only ended with me being hospitalized for two months in 2005.

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