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The Author's Corner: Dreamer

Well, we all have that friend that has their head in the clouds. I know in my friend group that one is me as my mind is always in a daydream, one of the side effects of being an author. So, when I am daydreaming, I could say that I am really working on something.  The only thing is when I sit down to write I can not remember what I had put together in my mind unless I write the ideas out when I have them. Most times my best ideas come to be just before bed and that is when I should have something beside my bed to write them down.

Anyway, dreaming is apart of life that we all have the power to do. The downfall is that once we reach our teens for most of us we are told to stop dreaming and focus on reality. This time in our lives is normal when we are in school and it is normally the teachers who tell us to stop daydreaming and focus on our work. As well sometimes it comes out of our homes from our parents too.

At that age we are put into the molding process that the school system is training us to be young adults. As the school years go by, the more that the dreamers of the world are cut down and if you do not fall in line you are labeled with a learning disability. This is a mark on you because for the rest of your life your are looked down by the educational system and it also transfers into the work world. I know this from experience as I was labeled in grade three with a reading problem.

Once you reach high school, the dreamer is put down every time they mention their dreams by there piers and teachers since they do not fit into the mold that the school is trying to fit them into. These years of life are all about making workers who follow the direction of what they are told and this is where the dreamers fight for themselves. As they keep moving and staying true to their dreams, they are attacked by everyone.

For the few dreamers that make it out of school, they will be the ones who will lead in the field of the career that they want to go into because they still have their imagination. For me, I made my way into Culinary Arts and I did well in that industry as there was set standards in the kitchens I worked in but it allowed for my imagination to create different dishes for specials. Most dreamers end up in the fields of the Arts. The reason is because of they are allowed to be creative and if they are in other industries where a creative mind is needed they excel.

Dreamers are the ones who shape the world as they push the line in the sand for better or worse. It all comes down to where people want to go. For me, I am using my creative writing to help change the stigma that is around mental health as right now society sees those who have mental health issues as bad people. Not only do I suffer from mental health issues, however I am not going to let that stop me from reshaping the ideas around the issues.

Most dreamers who change the world have or are suffering from some health issue, not just mental health like me. It is where they get the drive to change life for themselves which sometimes spills over into society as a better way for it in the long run. I know that I will not live to see how my life is going to change the world, however I know that it will help the people who suffer from mental health issues in the future.

With every dreamer, there is a light for all of us to see in the darkness that we live in. Some will show what the world needs and others will just change the people in the community they live in.  For me I am just working on having those who suffer from mental health issues to be treated as equals and respected in their communities.

For as the day will come when everyone will wake up from this society to something that is for the betterment of all of us. I do believe in a higher power, God/The Creator/ or whatever you call it and I feel that the dreamers are part of the new way of life.

Stay safe.

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