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The Author's Corner: Family

To start this one I know how important family is. Now family is not always blood and for some the blood family has casted you out. In the way I look at it there are friends of mine that I consider as members of my family and there is no one who is going to change that. There have been times when I have fought with my family however in the end they have always said that they may disagree with my path in life and they have always said that the door is open.

I am blessed that I have the family that I have and I found out how much I mean to them because of what happened to me in Halifax. It was my mom who found me in my closet hiding and she managed to get me to the hospital where I woke up on January 26th, 2005. I know that I have had their support in everything that I do more so now compared to before I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

I want to say that I have come from a good family and for those who haven’t talked to their parents or their whole family because of what happened in their past should know that most likely their family is sitting beside the phone waiting for the call. I know that the friends that I have are always part of my family because they see me as one to them.

You never know what lies around the corner in life, how would you feel if you got a call that your mother or father that you have not seen or talked to in years are on their death bed and want to see you before they die. The question is would you forgive what happened and make their on last wish come true?

Life is short in this world and the time that you spend with your family should be quality and as you start your own family with you better half, take the time to do the things that will mean the most to them.

Some people do not know their birth parents and that is something that happens on a daily basis. The reason is they were given up because their birth parents could not provide them with a good life and that is a sacrifice that stays with both parents who gave up their child for life. There are some children that go looking for their birth parents which comes with questions of why they were given up.

To end I am going to say that there are people who should not be parents because they are abusive to their children. This one thing I have no patients for because unfit parents only create children who go into the bad things in life as most of these kids will commit suicide or attempt it several times before they succeed in doing so.

All families are not perfect because I know that mine is not however it comes down to who you consider as family and we all have our faults. I know that I have mine and I have been at odds time and again with many members of my family which also includes my close friends. The one thing is that time does heal and maybe if you give them another chance they will be different with you. It only took my Schizophrenia to wake up my family where I was almost lost that cold night in Halifax.

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