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The Author's Corner: History

What is history in the world that we find ourselves in? Where does it start as it is always written by the victors? We never hear the other side of history about those who were defeated. The next question is what can we learn from it?

To start, the history that has taken shape in the last decade has been that of it being erased because it is offensive. It is a good thing if you get offended by it because it means that you most likely repeat that situation. However, we are in the cancel culture where those who are offended by the past are allowed to have it taken out of the history books. This is a definite and sad time in our history as a society.

We now teach September 11th, 2001 in history class yet we are taking out both of the World Wars because students get upset about what happened during those wars. War is not roses and wine, it is blood and gore and they are fought for freedom from repression or what the media wants us to believe. There is no point in history that can be said to be a great time to be alive, the reason for this is that the truth of what happened during the earlier ages since most of it was passed down done by word of mouth. As well, during the earlier ages only the highest of people in the society had the wealth to have paper to write the history. So how much is fact and how much is fiction?

The world we live in today is broadcasted through social media from smartphones. Everything is being recorded and in saying this we are able to see what is happening up to the minute. Yet what these people do not realize is that everything that they are putting out from their phones has happened many times in history.

History as I know it has been less sot after because this generation of young adults was not taught the way I was when I was in school. That is how much I have seen the changes that even when I was their age or I should say my generation, had respect for history and the common man. Most of us learned from the past mistakes that were in the history books and also took responsibility for our actions good or bad.

I have seen the evolution of the computer and music to name a couple of things off the top of my head as I sit here in my writing corner. This day and age I see where we are headed and unless there is a movement for the good of society, not one country but as the whole world is in trouble. The hard thing about that is there has never been total peace in this world for any given time. History teaches how greed and power intoxicates the men and women of the world, from the government all the way down to the common man.

I leave you with this, it is up to us as a society to get along and strive for a better future.

Stay safe.

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