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The Author's Corner: Home

Where do you call home? What makes it home for you? Is home where your heart is or where you lay your head at night?

Home is someplace that has a deep meaning for us all. Some say that home is where their parents live. It could be that because that is where you grew up. Is this where home is? Or is those who have no home dream of every night?

For the people who have lived in a small town all their lives, once they move out they are on the way to find a home for themselves to make. In a city that moving out could be just to the other side of it to have a place of your own. In both cases, moving out of the family home is a big step in the path that you are making for your life. It does not matter if it is when you move out if it is 16 as you are not in a good home or if it is when you are 30. That move changes your life as you go forth to create a place for yourself.

Most kids that come from small towns, the move away from the family home happens during the summer after they finish high school as they start their lives. Some go to the city to find work where the majority of them are going for schooling. Those who live in the cities have grown up from a different world than those who have come from towns. I grew up in a small town, so I have no real knowledge of what a city kid’s life is like. I know that when I went to the city to start my life that most of the city kids who were in the same class as me where living at home.

When I moved to the city I did so because I was going to school. Until I got my Red Seal in cooking, I had thought of making my home in the city. That thought changed as I could not afford to live there. I have lived in a few cities over the years, and I have found my way back to the town I live in now.

As for what home is for me has also changed over the years as for most it does. Those who get married and have their own children make a home for their family. With me, I never had the urge to settle down with someone as my heart has always been wanting to see the country in which I live. The other thing is that I knew that it was going to be me who was to move home to help my parents. Home for me has always been, even when I lived elsewhere, in the town where my parents are. I remember when I moved to the east coast of Canada where I am from, I said I would not miss the prairie. I did not realize until I was there how wrong I was. What I thought was going to be my forever home in the east coast was just a mere dream. I moved back to the prairies in 2005.

Wherever you call home and you may think that a move to a different place outside of where you are living is a good idea, realize that where you are meant to be your heart will guide you to your true home. The mind and pride may fight, mine did, that you have not given the new place a chance, if your heart and soul are not at peace when you go to sleep every night you are not home.

Some like me move home to help with the family. My move home was in 2020 back into the house, where my parents have lived since 1996, was during a time in my life where I looked to see what I had in my life. I was single, no kids, no house or car payments, no girlfriend or wife to support, and COVID shut the restaurant down where I was working and the decision to move home was written on the wall for me. As I help my parents, I have been able to retire from working outside the house to be able to focus on my life as an author.

With where home is for you and the situation that you are in, know this, you are meant to be where you are at this given time. Take the time to see what you have in your life and what you should be grateful for. At anytime your life or the life of someone who you love can be taken. Home to me is where the heart is, I may be a Maritimer by birth but I know that my home is the vast open lands of the Canadian Prairie.

Stay safe.

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