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The Author's Corner: Into Darkness

As the darkness of the night fall from the eastern skies with the lights of the stars and a full moon coming into view. It is a clear night and with very little wind the midsummers night is a dream. Sitting beside you, your lover and a fire burning in its pit shedding off some heat which warms the both of you. The last time that you shared a night like this was when you were first dating.

In this darkness I speak of there is the relationship between you and your loved one. The scene takes place so often and most people do not realize what they have. It is in those moments that most people will take for granted until it is to late.

That lateness happens from the death of the person or the end of the relationship as a memory of a good time. These are the little things that are missed and when that person is no longer there, there is sadness. I do not think that many people understand that every day we wake up is a blessing and to enjoy it with someone is priceless.

The reason that we miss these things is because they are the small things that make the relationships work. It could be sitting and watching the sunset at the end of a long day or having our favorite meal made. There are so many things that for some when they all come to an end there is only darkness that the person sees as they are left alone.

There is other kinds of darkness that happen in life, like that of illness such as cancer all the way to mental health issues. Our health is something that we take for granted as well because we all think that we will have good health. Once there is a diagnosis of something the patient will normal fall into a depression at first as there is the accepting phase is difficult no matter what the illness is if it is terminal or mental.

One of the hardest part of the accepting phase is understanding what the diagnosis is going to mean. I struggled for over five years to accept that I have Schizophrenia. The darkness I had was the bottle as I ran from facing what I would and now deal with on a daily basis. As I sit here today, I know that there are people who are battling with their own darkness.

There are other things that happen in life that causes the darkness to come. Yet most people who are battling things that no one knows about are in the need of a positive smile which could just make their day better. It always comes down to the person themselves to either move forward in a positive way and put on a smile even though they are crumbling inside, for those of you who are crumbling behind your smile remember there is help out there.

In the way that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if we are alive today it is a great day no matter what we are facing or suffering from. There are children in hospitals around the world who are fighting for their lives who would like to be able to play in the backyard of their house. In every city there is the homeless that need medical help (addiction help as well), food, a job to afford a place to call home. Yet, when the people who are healthy and have a place to live complain about not having the latest thing or that someone at work drank the last cup of coffee and did not put on another pot, it is these people who are in the dark.

Over my life I have lived in different places and most of my working career as a chef, I have seen all types of people who have their own problems.

Stay safe.

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