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The Author's Corner: Life

What a loaded word life is. It is what spans from birth to death. However, the word itself has so many different meanings as there are people on Earth. So many of us learn what the meaning is from family and friends. It is not until we become independent when we really find out what the meaning is for us. Life has always been a big topic of discussion from the great thinkers of the Greeks to the common church leader. I feel that the main question that comes from word life is ‘Why are we here?’. Well, that is what I am going to try to help answer and to start is the meaning of the word life.

In the dictionary the meaning of life is, the period between life and death. There are more meanings however they just highlight the main meaning. The next question I pose is does the soul, if you believe in one, continue after death. If it does, the meaning of life changes because there is life after death. So, that part is for you to decide and if you feel that there is no after life I am not going to try and change your mind.

As mankind we see ourselves in the mirror as being alive in the physical sense or we think. The one thing with this thought is that we only have a short time on this physical side of life, I personally believe there is an after life because of that. This physical life is what I think is more a staging ground where we learn who we are and enjoy being alive before we return to spirit.

For most of us I feel that there is a common belief that there is a higher power who has granted us life to learn something. What we choose to do between our physical birth and death is up to us. There are some who say that we are following out God’s plan and that might be true. Life in itself is a gift because we never know when it is going to end or much less how it is going to end. Life starts when you accept your own ending because that is what most people fight with. They are afraid to die, once you make peace with that your life will take off in so many ways. That is when the real meaning of why you are here comes to you.

In the same breath, you walk a little differently, your talking changes and that is when your Creator/God/ or what you call the energy shines through you. To truly understand life you need to understand yourself and I know that means to focus on you however, it is your life and it should be number one on your list. You maybe saying that is selfish and well it is, it is your life and it should be important to be that way. That is when you fully understand who you are. I know that I said that I would help you understand life and to do that you need to take care of yourself first. What you enjoy doing and the things that bring you happiness is more important than pleasing someone else.

Now, I am single so I live my life that way. If you are in a relationship the both of you first should be comfortable with yourselves and then focus on each other. If you are not happy with yourself it will damage the relationship(yes, I was in a couple relationships, I decided to find myself at 22 and I have been single since 2001 and I am no closer of finding myself). As the relationship grows and both of you are happy with yourself personally then you make the decisions that will strengthen the life that you have together. That goes for all relationships that you have in life.

There is one thing that life is and that is it is also the greatest teacher. The only difference is that life will throw you down and beat you until you can not move. The ones who get up are the ones who will live a full life because they keep getting up. Do not be scared to take a blow because if you are it will stop you from reaching your full potential.

As an author, I have put myself out on the public stage to be judged by everyone. You will either like me or you will not. I write about topics that most people shy away from because of the stigma. My writing theme is about mental illness and to raise the awareness to it. That is my life’s journey because I suffer from mental illness and I want to change how people look at it. For those of you who follow the stigma’s stance in the world of those who have mental illness, I am an evil crazy person who should be locked up. Most of those people who have mental illness keep it behind closed doors and do not let others know they have one. This is what I face every day. Hate, misunderstanding just a couple things that I deal with even though I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

That is one thing about life, you all have your problems and to be honest you are no further ahead of anyone else. We are all equal as we all breath air and bleed red. Some of us have other disabilities, we all have dreams and this life is all we have to reach them since the after life will be, well, I have not got there yet so I can not tell you. Be kind to each other and stay safe.

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