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The Author's Corner: Love

What is love? Some say that is an easy question to answer, however it is not. Love can be a feeling towards your mate which in itself is important. Another kind of love is that you have towards your friends, pets, the shows you watch on TV and so forth. How is it that for one simple word can take premise over your life?

As love is an emotion and a feeling you get, how does it hold its power over us? Love in its simplest meaning is to have a great attachment to and affection for, as well an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness and regard towards a person or thing.

There is in the time of building your relationships how the love will be shown. For example is it going to be a romantic relationship or just friendship. These two different relationships will shape how the love will be seen and felt.

Once the path is chosen for the relationship, so forth is the act of love if any is going to be in it. The reason I say this is because you can have a great friendship and just being in their company is enough to hold the relationship together. The love comes from the heart at first where that is where this feeling resides. As you have strong feelings towards that person that you are with, love will bloom in the relationship.

Sometime people will feel stronger for the company of their pets that they have over being with someone else. This is a case that happens when people have been hurt in relationships, they trust their pet more than anyone else. It is not that these people do not like anyone because of the hurt that they have suffered, they just know that their pet is always there to love them unconditionally. And yes, even cats, though they have a strange way of showing it.

Now, when it comes to TV shows, sports and movies, the love can be towards you favorite star. This kind of love is around what it would be like to having a day with them or meeting them. The age old fantasy love that can cause madness in the minds of those who are unable to separate themselves from reality and the dream.

For me, I have been single for most of my life and it does not mean that I do not love because I do. The reason why I have remained single is because I had other loves that I was after and that was where I put my time, like my Culinary career and now my new career as an author. As well, right now my parents are still alive and I have moved home to help them in their later years. When I was growing up, I did not have a girlfriend until I was going to school in Edmonton for Culinary Arts.

The people who look at long term relationships are always slow to get involved with someone as they want to see who the person is and what they are about. One of the factors is that these people when they show their emotions and feelings towards the people who are in their life, they want the other to know that feeling is true. Love in these relationships is very deep, however they do not want to be ignored. There is always the problem that may arise and that is they feel too much for the other person and that is where the problem is.

Love though is a mystery at times. It sometimes leads you to a broken heart and leaves you asking why it happened. Love is a powerful teacher and some never come back from that heart break. Not saying anything about the percentage of what happens after a breakup, depending on why the other person was in it for, like to feel special or to just be loved, the relationship could have been abusive. The abused does not see it and when it comes to an end if the abuser ends it, there is always risk of suicide.

With what is happening in the world today, it is hard to trust anyone, much less love someone because of how society is so caught up in the social media trend. It is all about the me first, likes and followers of everyone. I do not understand it myself, I do use social media for my writing to get things out to people. The thing I think it is for me is that I may just help that one person out of a dark place when they read one of my essays or books. They may just visit my website and learn about me and my goal that I have for my writing. I am not concerned about how many likes or followers I have.

I have seen how the meaning of what love is and how it has changed in my time, before the advent of modern technology like smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, Netflix and everything else. Kids would walk to school, adults would have coffee with each other after work or have families outings for a weekend to the lake. That is the community love for each other was respect for everyone. Now adays to get a community together to support something is harder as the line in the sand is that everyone is out for themselves. In my eyes love is something in the past that will never be seen the same way as in the times of the generations before.

My question is, “Who is going to teach love to the children and to show respect towards each other? Why do we bend to those who get offended when their boss tells them to shape up or ship out?” This is the true loss of love and it will take time for the youth to understand that when things were simpler people cared about one another. There were some problems, but in the light of it all there was one simple thing that held families and friends together and that is love.

I have close friends and family members who live all over the world and I use social media to stay in contact with them and I use a smartphone to do it. I know that the love I have for them will always be the same. Time to wake up world and face the facts, without love you are nothing.

Stay safe.

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