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The Author's Corner: Music

With music, you start out with what your parents listen to. Then as you grow up your tastes come from your friend’s music. It is something that happens slowly over your life I would say. I still listen to the stuff that is from the early sixties all the way up to now. From rock, rap, country, classical and so forth there is a type that you enjoy the most. As you age so does your taste in music where you could go from rock to opera in a quick few months.

For all of the music that you listen to says something about you and who you are. The way it makes you feel and what it does for you when you listen to it. They say that you choose the music by the way of your emotions, I think that does have some reasoning as most people’s collections have a little of everything. With me, I listen to artist that inspire me to write my essays, novels and poetry; that is normally the classic rock and classic piano.

It does not matter what nation nor race you are from because there is the type of music that comes from that area. I do notice that it is more tribal, and that includes all types of music, where the rock music from the United Kingdom is different than that of Canada and of the United States. I feel that is what make music so rich because with every artist there is a different sound and message being said. One band that I can say has impacted the world as a whole is U2, for the longest time I did not like them until I sat down and listened to the message that they have in their work.

I have had the pleasure to be able to listen with an open mind to rap and punk rock. Both being from two different friends that I have who have lived different lives. The friend who said for me to listen to some of his choices of songs from rap said that in a way I have lived a life similar to those artist. With the punk rock, my friend said to me to just listen to the words first before I pass judgment and well the stories that I heard where those of being repressed from other people. Both of these two friends knew my story of my life enough to help me personally through music. As I sit here typing this I am listening to Ozzy Osbourne, as I say something classic for me.

As there are many different types of music, there are the artist themselves from the one who writes the story for the song and then the ones who write the music itself. Sometimes it is just one person who is doing the writing of every aspect of the songs and these artists are normally solo acts. In the same breath, they have help from their trusted friends in the music industry to give them support and ideas to do. One artist that sticks out for me and in my own opinion he is one of the greats from my home country of Canada and his name is Matthew Good.

The one thing about all types of music is that everyone has their favourite musicians and reason’s why that they feel that way. Like for me when it comes to writing the lyrics in general, I feel that goes to one of many from the sixties and seventies bands. That list would be long if I were to write it. In my opinion I give it to Guns n’ Roses as one of the best bands and you can disagree with me because they are my go to band when I do not know what to listen to. As well they were the first band that I saw live in 1993 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. That was my 14th birthday present from my family. The other reason why I think they

are the best.

No matter who your favourite band is, do not let someone try and tell you any different and do not get into a fight over it. I feel that every musician and band has some good points about them and always respect each others opinion as you may just give that band another listen to. I know that I have given many bands a second listen to when someone had expressed a good thing about them. Another thing is always listen to the album as many times as there are instruments. Then once for the words and finally as the whole song. This is how I listen to music now as it is something which will show you the talent of the band or solo artist.

So, enjoy what you listen to and know that listening to music is better than watching TV because you can read, write or just zone out. That is what I do anyway.

Stay safe.

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