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The Author's Corner number 11

Today's topic is education. Changed it up the last minute, though the education I am speaking of is what happens after high school.

There is a great amount of people who go to University and College after they finish high school for what they thing is going to be their careers. Mostly this is true as going back to school for something else is not the normal thing for people to do. The idea that you get your education when you are in your late teens to early twenties and then stay in that industry until you retire. This idea is given to us from out teachers and families and a good part of the time it is the teachers and your parents that help you to decide what to take.

That idea is where I draw the line. For most people are pushed into careers that they do not want because their father or mother says that the education that the child is to get is up to them. In most cases if the individual is not able to decide on the career they want, well best to say you will have someone who looks for an escape from that life.

As someone who has always blazed my own path, I went into becoming a Chef because I want to and I did it. Then was the idea of having a place of my own, that meant that I needed some Business courses which I took and put myself into debt to do it. My parents supported me because it was my money that I was using for my education, so they let me pick what I want to do.

That is what should happen for everyone. The hard thing is that parents think they know what their young adult child should do. A good part of those individual's are having their education paid for by mom and dad. Something that I know does not help to make them ready for the truth of what life is about since it is not their money that is being spent for their education. What you get is someone who expects their parents to decide the direction to their life.

For those people lead their own life for the education and chose the careers that they want to, they live a happier life and are more productive in that career. As well when the time comes for where their industry changes, it is easier for them to make the change needed.

I know that if I were to return to the kitchen in the hotels in cities I would have to go back to take a refresher course in cooking, even though I have my papers. For those people who follow their dream job work at it every day, going back to school is not a problem as it is just another part of their path in that career.

One thing that I will stress here is that I spend a lot of time reading University and College books because learning should be a constant thing. When I was a Chef I was buying cookbooks with every second pay. Just because you have got the degree does not mean that you can stop learning. I am retired from the work world in a way, however my writing career is just beginning and it requires a great deal of studying of different topics to put give me ideas for books.

Life long learning is a good thing. Next week I am not sure what I am going to talk about, however if any of you have an idea in mind, pass it in the comments section.

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