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The Author's Corner number 4

For today I will be talking about the other things that I do other than writing all the time.

I will start by saying that I spend some of my time reading. I read all kinds of books, everything from textbooks to horror novels. I always have a nonfiction and a fiction book on the go. With the way I separate them is I read the nonfiction normally in the afternoon as I make it for the learning aspect of why I read them. For the fiction book I read in the evening for the enjoyment of reading.

One of my passions is cooking as I have mentioned in an earlier post about my career as a chef. I don't cook as much as I would like to here at home but there is always the BBQing that I do for mom. For the time that I do cook it is to help mom with meals. Just so you all know I am not a baker or I would be baking all the time when I wouldn't be writing.

I have a hobby and that is model trains. The reason for it is because in a way I am able to use a different part of my creativity in a positive way. I find the time that I spend working on the scenery helps me to think of scenes in up coming books that I will be writing. In a way, I am using my trainset as the world where I am writing from. Telling the stories of the people that are in the town, almost like they are living.

I will leave with the last thing that I enjoy doing and that is going for a drive with my music playing. Normally the drive relaxes my mind and it helps me to deal with what ever at the time is bothering me. I always will find a spot to pull over to the side of the road and view the area around me. There are many places around the town I live in that I find myself sitting at with a note book and a pen. To say, the lake near town is my office and there is also the train track crossing that is about a half hour north.

One thing that I do with my friends is having coffee with them and that is the main thing. We share laughs and it is normally once a week when I get together with my friends.

Other than that I live a quiet life which is fine with me. Next week I will be talking about the recovery process that I have been on with my schizophrenia. Stay safe.

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