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The Author's Corner number 8

Todays topic is on goals and dreams and how to reach them.

To start with, answer this question, what are your goals and dreams? Are they something that you are working towards or are they just an escape from reality for you? Which ever the answer is to these two questions the goal to to reach them.

With making goals you need to have a clear dream that you want to achieve in your life. Something that most education doesn't teach you is how to achieve that dream. I will give you a pointer of how to start down that path to reaching your dream.

The first thing is to write down your dream on a piece of paper and put it up somewhere that you will see it all the time to remind yourself what you want to achieve. That is the easy part, now the next step is to look at it and break it down to small goals.

In setting down these small goals, you will have to go backwards from the dream. In doing this the breaking down into the goals will be easier. If your dream is to be the best in your field of work, you have made the first step. Now where do you start to reach that dream. Do you need to go back to school? Do you need to stop partying on the weekends? Do you need to take your friends group and leave the negative friends, that is a must because they will only hinder you from reaching your dream.

With these few questions answered, the next step is to put it into action of reaching the first goal which maybe walking to work. You may not think that will help, however walking helps you think clearer throughout the day. Then you see that you may need to take some classes for management skills, so you look into night school or distance education from a local university or college.

Now, if you have a family to take care of, the problem is to find time to make these changes to reach the goals on the path to your dream. There is two suggestions and that is stay up an hour later to study your course or wake up an hour before everyone else is up. There are going to be things that will cause you to have to make these adjustments to be able to achieve the dream.

As you continue to reach the simple goals that line up to your dream, the forward direction that you are following will payoff. If it is worth fighting for and to achieve you are on the right path. Once you get to the dream that you had, start the process over and continue to move forward and be a leader of your own life.

It is as simple as that, however the first couple steps are the hardest ones to do because they mean change is coming. If you are ready for change and to reach your dreams, start and take that step, most people who have dreams never go after them.

Next weeks topic will be about setting a schedule around work, family and your dreams. Stay safe.

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