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The Author's Corner: Patience

Picture if you can, sitting and watching a sunset in your backyard. The colours of yellow, red and oranges stretching throughout the western sky. A calm night and a glass of your drink of choice. In the house your family is busy putting the little ones to bed. After about an hour the sun is below that skyline however the glow of the colours remain. Then the sliding door opens and your love comes out and sits down beside you. As there is only a comfortable silence between the both of you. The sky darkens from the east as it slowly covers the night with the stars. It is almost like a black blanket that the night covers the sky with.

There are many things in life that requires patience. In everyday that we have, patience itself is harder to find as the world is in such a rush for everything. That is what I see and I could be wrong in saying that.

For patience is a skill that one must master because it is what separates quick heated discussions in anger to making a pause to think of what is best. I struggle with being patient myself as there is always something that I can not control that upsets me. In using a method of taking a step back when I feel myself getting to a point where my emotions get the better of me, it has started to lead to me getting a better outcome.

When there is children involved you need to practice patience with them as you are teaching them how to respond to their own emotions. I have no kids of my own, so in all way I will never understand that part of life. As of now, I find myself helping my parents where they are into their later years of life, I practice patients with them is needed.

The job that you have and hopefully it is one that you enjoy will challenge your patients from time to time through the stress that is placed on you. I understand stress as a chef I had responsibility when I was in management to make sure that the kitchen ran smoothly. It always comes down to being able to remain calm in the centre of the storm when the work piles up around you.

In remaining calm helps you to make the wise decisions which will keep you patience. It comes down to being able to stay in that state because it will help the rest of the team that you are in or leading. If your work is just working for yourself, being able to take yourself out of stressful situations to look at them in a different way will always be a significant way to remain patience. For jobs in general it does not matter where you work because there is always stress.

In learning how to remain patience you gain more of an understanding of what is happening around you. There are ways to start your day that will help you in the long run and the most important one is to take a second to realize that you woke up today because tomorrow is not a guarantee that you are going to wake up. Take it for what you want and when you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself if you are happy with your life because it may be the last time.

Stay safe.

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