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The Author's Corner: Pieces

As we look at our lives we can see that it is like a giant puzzle. Each picture that we complete has come together through the smallest of pieces that make them up. Those small pieces are the decisions that we make.

For what most of our lives come to be is through the picture that we set for ourselves. It varies from person to person and if you want a normal life, normal is up to what the person believes, however that life might be with someone as other would rather be by themselves. That is why there is no normal life because to see that picture in your mind, you life will go to that visual image that you hold for yourself. Each situation that you encounter will lead to the life you want.

That is just a simple example of what our minds can do. If you can see it in your mind, you can make it come true for you. It is called making goals, the puzzle pieces, to follow and achieve.  This is where the picture takes shape. By setting simple goals to reach that are inline with you dream or big picture will come down to doing the work.  The only one who can stop you from achieving your picture is you.

Everyone has a dream life and to reach it takes goals that are in line with it. If you are afraid to do the work as it takes strength and determination to reach those dreams you will accept what you have, which is your choice and maybe you are just a dreamer who is happy with the simplest things in life.

By making your goals reachable, like for me when it comes to writing my books I have to make a goal to write an essay a day until I reach the page count I want for the book.  For my novels I need to set for three pages a day, so I go back and forth between two books. The thing is that is where I find the dream for me, I want to get the message out that people who suffer from Mental Health Issuse are not a threat to society. As I suffer from one, I have made it a goal to reach, even if it is only one person who’s mind is changed to see the Mentally ill different, I have achieved my goal. The big goal is to change the stigma which is going to take years to do and it is what motivates me.

Once you set your goals, see if they lead to your big picture and if they do then go for it. When you are unsure of a goal, just remember that God/the Creator/what ever you call the higher power, will always show you the reason at the end. As for me, being diagnosed in 2005 was my wake up call and it showed me that everything that led to that time was to shape me for the big picture that I have always dreamed of. Now, everyone has their own picture of where they want to be in the future and the ones who work on them goals will always achieve them, no matter how big or small. Do not judge the goals that you have as big or small because they are all what makes you and your dreams come true.

Most people have all the pieces of the puzzle to their life in front of them, the problem is that they do not know where to start. For most it starts when you are young where your parents will start the edge of the puzzle as you are growing up. Then when you start to do the picture yourself it will start from when you are ready to take the lead. For me, my start was when I got my first job as a dishwasher/prep cook for one of the restaurants in the town I lived in which led me to going to school and becoming a chef. That is what I did and it took me to look back on my time in the kitchens to realize that those jobs were to pay my bills as I was finding myself. Now that has happened and I am moving forward as an author.

For most people, when you move out of your parents house is when most start on taking control of their picture. The pieces of you childhood leaves you with a start of what to work on for your dream. During this time, most young adults go through the party phase as they are in post secondary education and everyone is doing it. The few who do not fit into this world of participation of parties, take full advantage of their youth and spend it in setting up their ideal life and picture of the future. As I say the choice is yours in which way you want to go toward the life that you want.

The few people who know what they want for themselves tend to look towards their goals and the dream they wish to reach, no matter how big it is. They may not get the top marks in school, however they have the work ethic to make sure they pass their classes. This also allows them to set up the skills they need for reaching those dreams they have. The reason is because they look at the puzzle pieces of their dream and can see it coming true where they have a sense of pride and spirit to guide them through the ups and downs.

Using myself as an example, I saw myself owning a restaurant in a major city. After a few years I was on the road to reaching that goal. I had started school for Business Administration to have an understanding of what I would be getting into. The risks that I saw made me change my mind and well that is the reason why I left the career path that I was on. I left the hotel I was working at in December of 2003 to finish school. During the rest of my schooling that was completed in the spring of 2004, I had made a decision that whatever job I were to take would just to pay my bills as I would follow my love of writing. I had to adjust my picture some I thought, however what I learned in the kitchen and school only spilled out into my work ethic. So, the picture stayed the same and the only thing that changed was my career path.

So, to finish this off today it really does not matter how old you are. If you are in your mid twenties, like I was, and you find yourself changing careers or going back to school for something else when you are in your forties, you can do it.  The thing is that we are all on a path that will take us to great places and it is not really up to us to make others believe in us, it only takes us. Remember it all starts with setting new goals to reach when you achieve one. You are never to old to set new goals and well you have lessons to look back on to see where you are headed. Only take a second to look back because that is not the direction you are going.

Stay safe.

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